Introducing the NovoLabz AR15 Wall Mount!

Constructed with HDPE, 6061 Aluminum & 3D Printed PETG. These mounts will support future add-ons like mag holders and other accessory mounting that we plan to offer.
Ambi-Mount allows you to mount your AR in any position. For AR’s without ambidextrous mag releases, we recommend the 1.82″ or 2.61″ option. The 1.03″ option does not leave much room to release the rifle if the mag release is facing the wall, if you have an ambidextrous mag release this is not a problem.
Wall mount hardware and AR15 NOT included!
If mounting to drywall, we recommend using anchors or making sure at least two of the screws are placed into a stud. This will ensure the wall will support the weight of your rifle.


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